We need YOUR help to complete Halibut Point Cottages!

Donate today to make Sitka more affordable.

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Halibut Point Cottages, Phase 1, is a work in progress! We need your help to complete the dirt work and get the homes built.

Conceptual plan

We have Sitkans applying for the first homes at Halibut Point Cottages on Halibut Point Road, the ground is almost ready, home designs are ready, contractors are making bids. Before you know it, you'll see homes going up on property that has been a vacant eyesore for many years. What a grand feeling that would be to know you have helped make that happen!

These homes are affordable because they are on land owned by the SCLT. They will be kept affordable because there is a limit on how much the home sale price can increase when it is sold. We want these homes to be available for many Sitkans for generations to come.

You and your family, friends and networks can help make this happen.

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