Move the Dirt at Halibut Point Cottages

Help us clear the way to affordable housing.

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We are fundraising to move "dirty" soil off the property.

The Bad News: We have incurred over $100,000 of expenses in the discovery of contaminated soil on our site last summer.

The Good News: There is nothing about the site which poses a threat to humans who might live there, the site can be made completely fit for human habitation.

We are selling a portion of our main parking lot, with shared entrance, to the Pet's Choice Veterinary Clinic, which will cover about 40% of the cost.

retaining wallThe Back Story: 1306 Halibut Point Road is former City of Sitka-owned property where the city and state shops were located for decades. This site previously had a cleanup in approximately 2006 and was closed out by the state's Contaminated Sites Program.

In digging trenches for the water and sewer lines in June of 2017, we uncovered contaminated soil. We notified the City and the ADEC. We hired an environmental engineering firm, Nortech, to help us through the environmental and regulatory issues. The material dug up has been declared safe to go back in the ground around the sewer lines and new, clean fill around the water lines. There is approximately 120 yards of material which must be shipped off-site for treatment.

The four environmental engineers involved – two with the ADEC and two from Nortech – all agree that the site is an appropriate site for housing and does not represent a human health hazard. There will remain some petroleum materials on this site buried four to six feet below the surface.

How You Can Help: Donate today! Any amount will help us pay for the soil remediation and removal of the soil, and leave other limited funds for getting the cottages built.

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